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Perforated Metal Wind Break Wall Anti-dust Fence

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The windbreak wall / wind dust fence is based on the principle of aerodynamics. According to the results of the implementation of the on-site environmental wind tunnel test, it is processed into a certain geometric shape, opening ratio and different hole shape combined wind and dust suppression wall, so that the circulating air (strong wind) passes through the wall. In the body, the upper and lower disturbing airflow is formed on the inner side of the wall to achieve the outer strong wind, the inner weak wind, the outer small wind, and the inner side without the wind, thereby preventing the dust from flying.

Production Process:

1 Shear bending: Shearing and bending are important aspects of production. Advanced processing equipment determines the quality of the product.

2 Punching: It is the second link in the production of windproof nets. Professional production workers process high-quality punching products for you.

3 Molding: The third part of the wind-proof net: wind-proof product processing and forming equipment, with continuous forming equipment of double peak and triple peak, the length of the windproof net can be 10 meters or even longer.

4 Cleaning: The fourth step in the production of wind and dust suppression nets is to prepare for the electrostatic spray in the back. The cleaning effect of the cleaning directly affects the quality of the surface spray.

5 Electrostatic spraying: The fifth step of the wind and dust suppression net is to spray the surface of the product to subject the product to various harsh environments without corrosion and rust.

Spray characteristics

1. Anti-ultraviolet (resistance to aging) The surface of the product is spray-treated to absorb ultraviolet light from sunlight, which reduces the oxidation rate of the material itself, so that the product has better anti-aging properties and improved service life. At the same time, the ultraviolet light transmittance is low, and the damage of the sunlight in the material is avoided.

2. Flame retardancy Because it is a metal plate, it has good flame retardancy and can meet the requirements of fire protection and safe production.

3. impact resistance The product has high strength and can withstand the impact of hail (strong wind). The impact strength test detects that, in the middle of the sample, a steel ball having a mass of 1 kg is freely dropped at a height of 1.5 m from the apex of the peak, and the product has no fracture and penetrating holes.

4. The surface of the anti-static product is treated by electrostatic spray treatment. After being exposed to sunlight, it can oxidize and decompose the organic dirt attached to the surface of the product. In addition, its super-hydrophilicity makes the dust easy to be washed by rainwater and cleans itself. Effect, no maintenance costs.







Height of peak



Steel sheet

galvanized sheet 

0.5-1.0 mm

250-500 mm

50-100 mm

Less than 8 m

Double peak

0.5-1.4 mm

400-600 mm

Three peaks

0.5-1.4 mm

Less than 830 mm

This is the product specification we have produced before , we can also produce according to your requirements .

 Application of the product

1. Coal storage yards of power plants, coal mines, coking plants, coal washing plants, etc.

2. Port, dock coal storage yard and various stockyards

3. Various open-air yards for steel, building materials, cement, etc.

4. Coal storage yards of railway and highway coal transportation stations

5.Temporary construction of construction sites and road projects

6. wild production, living places

The harsh wind environment has a certain impact on people’s production and life. By installing a wind and dust suppression net at an appropriate location, the wind speed within a certain range can be reduced, the wind environment can be improved, the environmental quality can be improved, and a more favorable microclimate can be created for people’s production and life. The dust suppression effect of the single-layer wind and dust suppression wall can reach 65~85%, and the effect of the double-layer wind and dust suppression wall can reach more than 95%.

 Installation instructions

Design and construction are mainly divided into four parts

1 Dust net underground foundation: The underground foundation is cast from precast concrete blocks or on site.

2 Wind-proof net support structure: The engineering design is designed according to the wind speed. Supported by steel brackets, the brackets provide sufficient strength to "wind and dust suppression walls" to resist the damage of strong winds, and secondly consider the overall beauty. The main body of the bracket is made of steel pipe, and the reinforced concrete pillar is used as a bracket for "wind-proof dust-reducing wall".

3 Windshield installation: service life is 15~20 years. Ambient temperature: -40 ° C to +80 ° C, the connection is fixed with screws and pressure plate. The specific size, bending degree and opening ratio of the wind and dust suppression wrench should be designed according to the actual situation of the yard.

4 Retaining brick wall: In order to prevent the overflow of coal mud water after rain and snow, a 1.2-1.5 m retaining brick wall can be set in the lower part of the windshield wall.


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